SFA offers outstanding economics

SFA’s economics are notably superior to those offered in the traditional search fund model and by other incubators. Compared to other funded search models, SFA offers:

  1. Better deal terms for searchers & CEOs

  2. Vastly greater resources, coaching & support

  3. Dramatically greater chances for success

  4. Higher expected financial gains

In addition, our searchers are backed by a fund of committed capital, raised specifically for their cohort, that allows them to buy companies without the uncertainty of disruptive fundraising delays. SFA provides 100% of the equity for each of our searchers’ transactions.

SFA’s economic model puts searchers first

We created SFA to help searchers succeed. Since searchers are the cornerstone of our organization, we also made searcher financial outcomes a central tenant of our model. As successful entrepreneurs, we believe in making money the old-fashioned way: we earn it.

The only way the SFA team makes money is if our investors make money. And the only way our investors make money is if our CEOs make money. Therefore, we put all our effort into helping our searchers and CEOs succeed. It’s as simple as that! No search fund investor is more incentivized to help its CEOs succeed than SFA.  

The Common Fund

SFA’s CEOs benefit from participating in their cohort’s Common Fund. In exchange for a small portion of equity in their business, each searcher gets an equivalent share in the businesses acquired by the other members of their cohort. The benefits to our CEOs are two-fold:

  • Creates an economic incentive for cohort members to help one another as CEOs

  • Diversifies each CEO’s investment

To learn more about the SFA model, reach out to a member of the SFA team at