Private Equity Internship


Join our Summer Internship Program 

May/June - August

Minimum 12 week commitment

(40 hrs/week)


Private Equity Intern Position

SFA accepts a limited number of undergraduate students per year into our exclusive summer Private Equity Internship program.

Interns shadow and learn from SFA's entrepreneurs at every stage of the search process: research, outreach, business model evaluation, and company due diligence. This comprehensive experience gives interns insight into a variety of industries and companies. In addition, SFA organizes frequent workshops and events to increase interns' exposure to innovative business ideas and enhance their professional skills.

Our Private Equity Intern alumni have continued their careers at outstanding investment banks, investment firms and consulting firms such as Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital,  and McKinsey & Co. Six of our interns have graduated and joined Search Fund Accelerator as full-time ETA Fellows.


Interns learn how to:

  • Identify and evaluate industries of interest and potential acquisition targets

  • Conduct due diligence on acquisition targets

  • Analyze financial statements, business models, and other information in Confidential Information Memoranda

Required qualifications:

  • Undergraduate student approved to receive course credit for the internship

  • Strong Analytical abilities and attention to detail

  • Excellent English communication skills, both written and oral

  • Majoring in Economics, Finance, or a related subject



SFA exemplifies startup mentality; it’s really hands-on. You get a lot of exposure that you would not get at a typical internship. Already as an intern I have participated in due diligence on a company we considered acquiring.
— Senior, Northeastern University
My Internship at SFA was a unique learning experience...It provides the flexibility to make mistakes but, more importantly, to learn and grow from them. The internship encouraged me to take initiative in the workplace, one of many skills I will carry forward in my future career at PwC.
— Junior, Boston University
For interns, [SFA is] the best introduction to private equity and the search fund model. SFA gives us great responsibilities and broad exposure to the different stages of a deal. It is a place that encourages personal and professional growth that will have a lasting positive impact on my career.
— Senior, Northeastern University