Who We Are


Search Fund Accelerator

SFA works with a select group of entrepreneurs to help them find and acquire excellent companies and manage them successfully as equity-owning CEOs.

SFA's mission 

SFA operates on a simple premise: the traditional search fund model creates unacceptably high failures rates for entrepreneurs. While every searcher believes they will succeed, the statistics clearly show that well over 50% of searchers fail. SFA's mission is to fix that.

Search. optimized.  

SFA starts by selecting a cohort of highly talented entrepreneurs who have the skills, character and experience to be outstanding CEOs of small companies. During the search, the SFA team works closely with our entrepreneurs in a collaborative environment at our offices in Boston. After completing an intense 3-week boot camp, our entrepreneurs quickly ramp up and focus on contacting and interacting with business owners.

While directing their search and managing their own team, our entrepreneurs have access to fulltime mentoring and advising from the SFA team, the other SFA searchers and CEOs, and SFA’s network of outside advisors. We help our searchers manage their pipelines and quickly evaluate targets. SFA also recruits and trains analysts and interns that our entrepreneurs hire on to their teams. We work with our entrepreneurs to help them prepare offers, design capital structures, conduct due diligence, and deal with lawyers, accountants and bankers. When they are ready to acquire a business, SFA provides 100% of the equity from a fund of committed capital without the inefficiency of a traditional investment committee. It is a very collaborative process from start to finish.

supporting ceos

Once they are CEOs, SFA entrepreneurs benefit from working with a dedicated team that they know and trust. They also benefit from significantly improved economics and a structure that we have explicitly designed to align SFA's incentives with their interests as CEO/owners.