SFA Today


SFA’s Mission

We created SFA with two bold objectives in mind:

  1. Dramatically increase searcher and CEO success in finding, buying and managing great businesses

  2. Maximize our CEOs’ likelihood of earning substantial financial rewards for their efforts

Searching for a business to buy is a process. When we founded SFA, we believed that by applying techniques, technology and rigor, our searchers could greatly increase the quality of the opportunities they found. We also believed that by working closely with our searchers, we could help them better evaluate opportunities, conduct due diligence better, and make better investment decisions – leading them to acquire better businesses.

How are we doing so far?

Pretty good! Across four annual cohorts to date, SFA has worked with 17 searchers. Eight have acquired businesses and the rest are still searching for the right opportunity.

2015 Cohort

SFA’s first four searchers have all bought companies and are now CEOs. Our first CEO bought a business in under one year while the last took 29 months. They bought companies in a variety of sectors, from industrial services to expense management, in locations across the US.

Some of the companies have already made distributions of cash to investors – and to the CEOs themselves.

2016 Cohort

We started out with five searchers, one of whom decided that family priorities had to take precedence over business goals and left SFA. Of the four remaining searchers, three have acquired companies spanning a range of industries and geographies.

2017 cohort

The 2017 cohort consists of four searchers, one of whom purchased a company within 15 months. The three others are proceeding as planned, searching for companies that meet their criteria.

2018 cohort

In July 2018, SFA welcomed five new searchers. With ages ranging from 29 to 39, all are married and three have children. They completed SFA’s intense three-week Bootcamp to launch their searches and each is now looking at a pipeline of opportunities.

2019 cohort

In the summer of 2019, SFA will launch its fifth cohort. We expect to slightly expand the size of the next cohort. We hope you will join us!