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Search Fund Accelerator provides unparalleled support to a handpicked group of search fund entrepreneurs, from the search to the deal to the management and eventual sale of the acquired company. We help highly talented, determined entrepreneurs achieve their goal of successfully acquiring a business to run. We provide links with experienced investors and business people, who serve a valuable mentors. We provide the equity capital and help with raising debt. Borrowing proven techniques from startup accelerators such as Y Combinator and Techstars, we have built an ecosystem designed to help you succeed.

Our Purpose

The Stanford search fund studies show failure rates that should give pause for reflection: roughly 30% fail to buy a company and 40% of those that do buy a company fail to return full investor capital. And while the asset class as a whole makes healthy returns, this is not always the case for entrepreneurs who only get one shot. We believe we can substantially improve the odds of success and thus returns to entrepreneurs and investors alike, creating a win-win scenario that benefits everyone.

We genuinely enjoy helping entrepreneurs; we have been doing so for years both as investors and educators. We are also entrepreneurs ourselves. A common culture and meticulously aligned interests make us confident that we can create superior returns by growing the pie for all.

Our Philosophy

We want entrepreneurs to succeed in buying and running businesses. We believe the mentor-driven support that was central to the original search fund model has diminished because of the number of searchers in the market. But it remains a lonely process, and mentoring, coaching and advising are key to success. We provide that needed support from beginning to end.

Searchers should spend their time searching, yet today’s typical searcher spends a heap of time administrating: forming an LLC, finding office space, setting up payroll and accounting, building a website, selecting an email system, configuring a CRM, hiring interns, and learning how to employ them efficiently. Searchers spend 9-12 months (out of only 24) learning to become efficient. We eliminate time spent on tasks that are not mission critical to searching for a company to buy and run.

The best future CEOs may have never conducted due diligence, negotiated with a business owner or dealt with Sale & Purchase agreements or Reps & Warranties. The uncertainty of search and acquisition process prevent some from taking the plunge. We provide the support and guidance to help you succeed in the transaction process and reach your objective of running a company.

We work together as a team toward your success. We won’t interfere in your entrepreneurial journey – quite the contrary – we will push you to become a stronger, more independent, street-smart entrepreneur. We will toughen you while simultaneously supporting you with a team of professionals, mentors, investors, and fellow searchers working together toward a common goal. You are the entrepreneur, we work for you and your success.

Our Method

SFA eliminates the inefficiencies of the existing model, and you benefit from constant, by-your-side support not found elsewhere.

find the business

Each year, we assemble a cohort of seven highly talented searchers who have great potential as CEOs of small- to medium-sized businesses. We train you to search for suitable companies efficiently and deal with sellers effectively, bringing you up the learning curve in 4-6 weeks rather than the 9-12 months it takes searchers on their own. We help you avoid wasting time on sellers and deals that won’t work out by getting to “no” fast. We help you find the ideal company, both intrinsically and in terms of its fit with your skills and abilities. And throughout the process, along with our investors, we provide you with the coaching, mentoring, and training needed to successfully navigate what is universally considered a hard and lonely path.

buy the business

We have plenty of deal experience and work together with you to make your deal happen. However, the deal always remains your own: you will handle all the discussions and negotiations, not us. Our team of diligence experts, lenders, lawyers, and dealmakers will support you from behind as much as you need. And when you are ready to go, we provide the equity financing required to complement the debt financing you have put in place. The process will be natural and unencumbered by multiple negotiations with numerous investors, and yet you will benefit from those experienced individuals as mentors and advisors.

run the business

Drawing on the strong relationship we have developed during the search phase, we will help you select the right board of directors and stand by your side as you face challenges in strategy, operations, sales, human resources, and other areas of the business. Your SFA cohort will serve as your own private YPO forum. Because each searcher invests a small portion of his or her equity into a common fund, each member is economically incentivized to help the team while diversifying their investment. Later, we will collaborate with you regarding the decision to exit or continue with the business. This is our recipe for success.


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