SFA eliminates many of the inefficiencies of the search process, and provides the searcher with constant, by-your-side support not found elsewhere.


Each year, we assemble a cohort of highly talented searchers who have great potential as CEOs of small- to medium-sized businesses. We train them to efficiently search for suitable companies and effectively deal with sellers, bringing them up the learning curve in just 6 weeks rather than the 9-12 months it typically takes searchers on their own. We help them avoid wasting time on opportunities that won’t work out by getting to “no” fast. We encourage our searchers to find the ideal company both intrinsically and in terms of its fit with his or her skills and abilities. And throughout the process we provide the coaching, mentoring, and training needed to successfully navigate what is universally considered a very challenging and lonely path. Remember, the search is just a means to an end: buying a business to manage.


While the searcher retains control of the deal, handling all discussions and negotiations, our team of diligence experts, lenders, lawyers, and experienced mentors gives them unlimited support. We then provide the equity financing required to complement the debt financing put in place by the searcher. The decision process is natural, progressive, and collaborative; we understand the business from day one by working closely with the searcher. And when it comes time to buy the company, our committed capital gives our searchers the ability to transact quickly, a significant advantage in the eyes of the seller.


Drawing on the strong relationship developed during the search phase, we help the searcher-turned-CEO select the right board of directors and navigate challenges in strategy, operations, sales, human resources, and other areas of the business. Drawing on the strong personal bonds and trust developed during the search period, the CEO’s SFA cohort will serve as his or her own private YPO forum. Because each searcher invests a small portion of his or her equity into a common fund, each member of the cohort is also economically incentivized to help the team while benefiting from a more diversified investment portfolio.