Search Fund Accelerator provides unparalleled support and committed capital to a select group of highly talented “searchers,” each one determined to acquire and run a business. Borrowing proven techniques from prominent startup accelerators, we provide support, resources, systems, and mentorship, creating an ecosystem designed to accelerate the search process and improve the searcher’s probability of success.


The Stanford search fund studies show failure rates that should give pause to searchers: 25-30% of searchers fail to buy a company and 35-40% of those that do buy a company fail to return full investor capital. We aim to substantially improve the odds of success for both the searchers and the businesses they acquire.


Searchers should benefit from the support and expertise of experienced investors and mentors. This was a founding principle of the search fund model, but the level of support today is not always as high as needed because the number of searchers and the size of investors’ portfolios have grown substantially. At SFA, we have changed the game by giving our searchers all the support they want and need.

Searchers should spend their time searching. Today, the typical searcher spends a heap of time administrating and working up the learning curve: forming an LLC, finding office space, setting up payroll and accounting, building a website, selecting an email system, configuring a CRM, hiring interns and learning how to employ them efficiently, deciding between brokered and proprietary search, and learning how to communicate with sellers. Searchers spend 9-12 months (out of only 24) learning to search efficiently. We eliminate the time spent on tasks that are not mission-critical to searching for a company to buy and we help searchers get up the learning curve quickly.

A searcher is a special breed of entrepreneur, and we respect the entrepreneurial journey. We contribute to the searcher's success, pushing him or her to become stronger, more independent and street smart, and providing support from a team a professionals, mentors, investors, and fellow searchers. We work for the benefit of the searcher, not the other way around.