Be a CEO.

Search Fund Accelerator is the first and most advanced accelerator in the search fund world. We reinvented Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition.


Want to be a CEO?

SFA has only one mission: to help searchers and CEOs succeed.

If you have the motivation, skill and character to acquire and run a business, SFA is designed for you. SFA provides its searchers and CEOs with unparalleled coaching and support from a team of experienced professionals and outside advisors. SFA offers a high-energy, collaborative environment where you work alongside other future CEOs while taking advantage of the firm’s best practices and technologies. When you are ready to close your deal, SFA provides the equity from a fund of committed capital.

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With five new searchers, the 2019 cohort is SFA’s fifth. SFA welcomes a new group of searchers each summer. We are actively seeking future CEOs to join our 2020 cohort!




To date, SFA has worked with 22 searchers from a wide variety of professional and educational backgrounds. They all share the drive and determination to be successful CEOs. 




All four of SFA’s 2015 searchers, three of the 2016 searchers, and one search from the 2017 as well as the 2018 cohort are now CEOs, leading businesses they bought.