The SFA Advantage

Search Fund Accelerator is purpose-built to provide unparalleled coaching and support to its searchers and CEOs. We help our searchers quickly build robust deal pipelines and work with them to evaluate investment opportunities critically and dispassionately. We help them conduct thorough, unbiased due diligence and work closely with them to close their deal by deploying SFA’s committed capital. After the deal, we work with searchers as they transition to CEO and start managing and growing their business. What does this look like?


  • Dedicated team of seven professionals

  • Two offices: Boston and New Orleans

  • Unlimited coaching

  • Full-time paid analysts

  • Seasoned due diligence experts

  • Experienced banking partner

  • Dedicated pool of committed capital to fund deals

  • Mentors for advice & board membership


  • 3-week search Bootcamp

  • Proprietary IP: IT tools, techniques & best practices

  • Centralized recruiting and training for analysts & interns

  • Personalized workshops to refine search process

  • Playbooks for search, due diligence, negotiations etc.

  • Check-ins to review deals and investment theses

  • Continuous experimentation and innovation

  • Continual learning and improvement


  • Co-location with SFA staff and other searchers

  • Cohort structure to foster collaboration and lasting bonds

  • High energy environment

  • Socratic debate and critical thinking

  • Analytical, data-driven reasoning

  • Strong SFA network: CEOs, investors & mentors

  • Regular events, speakers, activities & fun

  • Family-style culture to build trust and friendship

Prospective searchers have a choice: go it alone or take advantage of the unmatched coaching and support that SFA offers. We believe that SFA makes the difference between success and failure. We help entrepreneurs succeed, just like coaches and trainers help athletes become champions. Plus, the economics are far better than the traditional search fund model, other accelerators and self-funded searches. Intrigued? Read on!