Who We Are


Search Fund Accelerator

SFA was created to minimize the risks searchers face while dramatically increasing the likelihood and magnitude of their success.

SFA works with a select group of entrepreneurs to help each of them find and acquire an excellent company and manage it successfully as an equity-owning CEO. Our team of dedicated professionals provides personalized coaching and support to SFA’s searchers and CEOs from the beginning of their search and throughout their tenure as CEO of the company they acquire.

The traditional search fund model has consistently demonstrated unacceptably high failure rates for searchers. While every searcher believes they will succeed, the statistics show that 70% of searchers fail. 

Searchers lose time learning how to search, struggling to identify good companies, and pursuing poor acquisition candidates. What’s worse, searchers buy businesses that they should never have acquired and then struggle to create equity value: thus they build little or no personal wealth despite years of hard work.

Driven by a desire for autonomy, many searchers also take unnecessary risks. There is a prevailing myth that being a “real” entrepreneur means “doing it on your own.” However, successful entrepreneurs are actually more risk-averse than the general population and seek to minimize risk to increase their chance of success.

What is SFA?

Let’s start with an analogy. If you wanted to be a world-class tennis player, would you go to your local tennis court and teach yourself how to play by hitting balls against a wall and competing with neighborhood kids? Is that how Serena Williams became a champion tennis player? No.

The best tennis players attend purpose-built tennis academies that give them access to world-class coaches, outstanding support structures and practice with other high potential players. This dedicated environment immerses future stars in high-level tennis, and allows them to rack up the requisite 10,000 hours of purposeful practice.

Even as pros, top-ranked tennis players do not play and train in isolation. They surround themselves with a team that is dedicated to helping them win: a coach, a hitting partner, a fitness expert, a physical therapist, a nutritionist, etc. This is a proven path to excellence, not a sign of weakness. Why would searchers not follow suit?

SFA is the first highly specialized coaching organization in the search fund world. Since its inception in 2015, SFA has built a proven model by focusing exclusively on the success of its searchers and CEOs. Not surprisingly, SFA has inspired numerous imitators. But by continuously learning and refining our processes, SFA has remained at the forefront of serving the complex and evolving needs of searchers and CEOs. We are the ultimate coach and business partner.