Who We Are


Search Fund Accelerator

As the first and most advanced accelerator in the search fund world, we created SFA with three bold objectives in mind:

  • To dramatically increase searcher and CEO success in finding, buying, and managing outstanding businesses;

  • To provide unparalleled resources and support from SFA staff and our committed investors who put their money and their reputations on the line, and;

  • To vastly increase our CEOs’ likelihood of financial success in comparison to that of the traditional model.

We wanted to make choosing SFA a no-brainer. More support, better economics, and much greater chances of success minimize the risks searchers take on and maximize their rewards. 

Why Choose SFA Over the Traditional Model?

Contrary to popular belief, the traditional search fund model consistently fails searchers. 70% of searchers who choose the traditional model fail! 

Without guidance and expertise, traditional searchers lose time learning how to search, struggling to identify good companies, and pursuing poor acquisition candidates. Even worse, traditional searchers are vulnerable to buying low-potential businesses and often struggle to create equity value or grow their personal wealth. 

At SFA, we believe that the traditional model’s failure rate is unacceptable. Furthermore, SFA’s success proves that it is avoidable.

Searching for a business to buy is a challenging process. From start to finish, we support a select group of entrepreneurs through the process of acquiring an excellent company and managing it successfully as equity-owning CEOs. At SFA, our searchers apply proven techniques and technology to their search while benefiting from invaluable guidance and resources.

By working closely with our searchers, we help them better evaluate deals, conduct due diligence, and make strong investment decisions. They also enjoy the support and camaraderie of their fellow searchers and CEOs. As a result, they build trusting relationships and a lifelong community of entrepreneurs. 

Across the five annual cohorts to date, SFA has worked with 22 searchers, nine of whom have acquired businesses and are running them successfully while the others continue their search. 

Why YOU Should Join SFA

“SFA is the ultimate partner.”

SFA aims for 100% success for our searchers. We know that’s not possible, but it is the only acceptable goal. And our experience shows that we’ll get darn close! Our expectations are bold because we maintain the highest standards within our practice and only select the best professionals to partner with us. 

Why should you partner with us? Let’s illustrate this with an analogy... 

If you wanted to become a world-class tennis player, would you go to your local tennis court to hit balls against a wall and compete with neighborhood kids? Is that how Serena Williams became a champion tennis player? No!

The best tennis players attend purpose-built tennis academies and work diligently with highly experienced personal coaches. They benefit from outstanding support structures and practice their skills with other high potential players. These immersive environments allow future stars to continuously improve their game skills with the very best professional support. 

Even as pros, top-ranked tennis players do not play and train in isolation. They surround themselves with a team that is dedicated to helping them win: a coach, a hitting partner, a fitness expert, a physical therapist, a nutritionist, etc. This is a proven path to excellence, not a sign of weakness. So why wouldn’t searchers do the same?

That’s exactly why we created SFA. It is the first highly specialized coaching organization in the search fund world. Since its inception in 2015, SFA has built a proven model by focusing exclusively on the success of its searchers and CEOs. And by continuously learning and refining our processes, SFA has remained at the forefront of serving their complex and evolving needs.