The SFA Team

Helping searchers and CEOs successfully navigate the complex world of searching for, buying and managing a business requires an experienced team of professionals with a diverse set of skills. At SFA, we offer exactly that. We remain committed to building our team as we identify new ways to provide world-class coaching and support.  


Timothy Bovard

As Founder and CEO, Timothy has a profound understanding of the search fund model. Given his years of experience acquiring and managing businesses and teaching entrepreneurship, Tim is a unique resource for SFA entrepreneurs and CEOs on the search process, deal issues, and small business management. Timothy's high-energy and no-frills approach keeps everyone focused on buying outstanding businesses and taking them to new heights. 


Jeremy Silverman 

Jeremy, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, uses his years of experience as a consultant and private equity professional to give searchers unparalleled insights into companies and industries and their potential for value creation. He works closely with our entrepreneurs as they build muscle and learn to think like seasoned, dispassionate investors. Jeremy sets the bar extremely high and as such, helps all our searchers and CEOs grow and succeed. 


Chris Fuller

Chris, Principal, capitalizes on his background in growth equity and M&A by working with SFA entrepreneurs on evaluating, diligencing, negotiating and closing transactions. He works closely with CEOs as they transition to running and growing their companies, and continues to support them as a board member and thought partner. He is also intimately involved in continuously developing and refining SFA’s technology platforms and processes. 


scott stiff 

As a Manager at SFA, Scott works alongside SFA’s entrepreneurs and analysts to develop and perfect new search techniques, best practices, IT tools and process improvements based on data-driven experimentation, testing and validation. He also assists our entrepreneurs with due diligence and works on special projects with SFA's CEOs.