In addition to SFA’s original office in Boston, SFA is excited to announce the opening of a second location in New Orleans. The expansion will allow SFA to grow the number of searchers in future cohorts and offer searchers the choice of searching from one of two world-class cities. To facilitate this development, we have increased our staff considerably and we will continue to do so over the coming months and years so that we can provide outstanding support to our searchers and CEOs. 



Overlooking the Boston Common at the corner of Boylston & Arlington streets, SFA’s office offers searchers and staff a convenient and comfortable place for work and collaboration.

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New Orleans

Located in the heart of the Garden District at the corner of 6th and Magazine streets, SFA’s newest office is positioned at the heart of the city of jazz creating a lively environment to search from.


The two offices are joined by state-of-the-art videoconferencing to allow extended collaboration and easy access to the fellow searchers and staff of both offices. Using this technology, the offices benefit from open and unrestricted communication throughout the day.